About Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited

Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited was established in 2008 in New Zealand as an “online secretary/online dictation” service.

How Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited works.

Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited has experience in medical transcription services by transcribing audio files (audio transcription) in both Europe and New Zealand and can perform any medical transcription and legal transcription required.

  • Having digital dictation completed off-site on an “on demand” basis is a cost effective alternative to employing full time support staff.
  • Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited completes your digital dictation, typing and transcription needs when staff are absent or where there is an overflow of work.
  • For English speaking clients abroad, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, there is the opportunity to take advantage of the different time zones as your transcriptions are completed overnight and the completed transcription will be either in your inbox or uploaded on your web server within the time frame agreed.
  • If you are mobile, Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited provides a service online and you can send and receive work anywhere you can get an Internet connection.
  • Your transcriptions will be completed as your demand specifies.
  • There is no commitment from you to assign a minimum amount of work to Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited.
  • We have transcription services to cater for your every requirement.

Contact us to find out about our audio transcription services, legal transcription, medical transcription servicessecretarial services and other online transcription services involving digital dictation.

Providing high quality transcription services with a commitment to maintaining client satisfaction