Valuable tips for quality transcription

Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited will complete your transcriptions more efficiently and accurately if the suggestions below are followed:

  • Background noise during recording is minimised (ie: no music, chat, traffic, clicking of pens and with mobile phones switched off or on silent) as this can impair the digital dictation process and quality of sound recorded.
  • Talk slowly and clearly.
  • Where there are several people in a focus group or interview, as much as possible have only one person talking at a time (ie: eliminate over talking and interruptions) as this enables us to transcribe more of the content.
  • Place the recording equipment centrally so the voices of all participants are clear.
  • Recording equipment specifically for digital dictation is more suitable – equipment used for note taking (often used by students) doesn’t provide optimum sound quality for digital dictation.
  • A smaller room for the interview is preferred to a larger room.
  • Provide spelling of unusual names and terms so we can return a completely accurate transcript to you.
  • Your document templates are used as this ensures consistency of the preferred format for your transcriptions.

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