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Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited

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  • High quality and accurate transcriptions.
  • Cost effective services.
  • Professional and personalised service.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Prompt turnaround of your work.
  • Excellent communication.

What Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited does…

Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited is a business specialising in online transcription services. With our audio transcription services, a digital dictation (audio file) is either received through a secure site, downloaded from your web server or on digital media (CD/DVD). We then transcribe the audio file and send it back to you either as an email attachment or upload it onto your web server.

Purple Giraffe Transcription Limited respects the confidentiality of your audio transcription and assures you of complete confidence and integrity in transcription of your medical research (medical transcription services) and interviews, legal correspondence and documents (legal transcription), DVD, research, interviews and more. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement to this effect if you wish.